Hill – Eternal Love (Peoples Potential Unlimited)

12'' Vinyl (PPU-070)


Condition: MINT
Country: USA
Year: 2015

Long standing soul man Willie (or Hill as he usually operates on PPU) returns with three more timeless soul joints. “Eternal Love” is a soul monolith of Vandross proportions as Willie belts his guts up over a slippery synth boogie groove, classic 80s falsetto harmonies and brick-melting synth-toms. “Talking On A Funky Note” takes us to the early 90s with a Bobby Brown-style new-jack sound while “Over The Hump” brings us to an inspiring climax with lyrics of intestinal fortitude so heavy they’d make a world champion life coach blush. Perfect for all training/chips down montages.

"Ove The Hump" (3:49)"Eternal Love" (4:28)"Talking On A Funky Note" (3:41)

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