Bass Clef – Interform Untunnel

12'' Vinyl - The Trilogy Tapes (TTT052)


Condition: MINT
Country: UK
Year: 2017

Bass Cleff is back for his second appearance on the label and it's clear that the producer is making it his goal to carve out a fresh, more house-centric sound these days. “Interform” is everything a dub techno tune should be, but that often isn't; it's full of dread bass and dubby sub tones that give way to a sparse, raw bundle of drums that stumble helter-skelter about the groove. “Untunnel” is similarly off-kilter, except that here Bass Cleff has favoured a more typical 'bass' approach to launch his 4/4 attack. This is a magnificent EP, and it's safe to say that this artist is outperforming much of the hardcore house crew. BIG.

"Interform" (8:33)"Untunnel" (8:47)

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