Chuck Senrick – Dreamin’ (Reissue, 180g.) (Notes On A Journey)


Condition: MINT
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Notes: Reissue (180 gram vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)

Vinyl LP (NOAJ004)

It’s a well-documented fact that a person’s reasons for pursuing a career in music are varied and manifold. For some, it’s the desire for a glamorous and stellar career, the longing for fame and glory. For others, it’s just a job like any other, and for some, it’s a calling, just something you got to do. With this idea in mind, it’s easy to draw a parallel between the modesty and humility in Chuck Senrick’s life to that of Sixto “Sugarman” Rodriguez. But while Sugarman recently learnt of him enduring fame on the other side of the globe and the creation of a legend for a whole generation around his craft, Chuck Senrick was never famous; now or at any time or place during his still enduring career. For more than 45 years now he simply plays his Fender Rhodes or piano and entertains any audience which is present, incidentally at the location at which he is performing. In this day and age, an endangered species anywhere but in the US, Chuck Senrick serves as a bar pianist.

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