Elvis Perkins – The Blackcoat’s Daughter (Death Waltz)

12'' Vinyl (180g Colour) LP - Death Waltz Recording Company (DW105)


Conditon: MINT
Country: USA
Notes: One Off Pressing on 180G Colour Vinyl (Black, Grey & White) of (an appropriate) 666 copies!

A1 Incantation (The Blackcoat's Daughter)
A2 Rose Dream
A3 Against The Stream
A4 In The Garden
A5 The Fire Light
A6 Forget Me Not
A7 Pregnant Pause
A8 Maidhood
A9 Sickle & Gnomon
A10 To The Furnace Room
A11 Ablution
A12 Believe In God
A13 Sharpen The Blade
A14 You Had Your Chance
A15 Crossing Days
A16 Mare's Milk
A17 Snow Graves
B1 In Sunday Best
B2 Dial The Darkestra
B3 Draked
B4 Dream Redux
B5 Roseblud
B6 Trail Of Blood / Hail
B7 Open The Door Lucifer / Benzed
B8 His Majesty
B9 Fatherless Child
B10 You Will Go From This Place
B11 In The Mourning Light
B12 Outcantation (The Blackcoat's Daughter)

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