Itadi K. Bonney – Itadi K. Bonney (Hot Casa Records)


Condition: MINT
Country: Togo
Year: 2017

Recorded in the beginning of the 80's and self-produced by Itadi in 1983 , this obscure album contained deep soul and controversial rare grooves backed by the 5 band members called the “Afro Funk Band de Lomé”. Itadi's music is unique, in his second album, he kept the same recipe: a mixture of soul, reggae, hi-life and Funk, with heavy lyrics which sounds like slogans and caused him big trouble after its release. He was obliged to escape the country to USA. A real definition of a revolutionary musician! This deluxe LP contains also two unreleased tracks, interview, and photos and was fully licensed with his family. Remastered by Frank Merritt at Carvery Studio.

1. Inye2. Hustle3. Ye, Ye, Ye4. Africa Is Hot5. Why? Why?6. Agamimi7. Inye (7'' Version)

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