Mori-Ra – Trapped In The Sky

12'' Vinyl EP - Tracy Island (TRACYISLAND01)


Condition: MINT
Country: UK
Year: 2017
Notes: White Label. Repress

Not content with helming the well-regarded Banoffee Pies imprint, Ell Weston has decided to set up a second imprint: the Balearic-inspired Tracy Island. The first artist to step foot on the baking hot sand and head for shade is Mori Ra, an experienced re-editor famed for quirky releases on Macadam Mambo, Forest Jams and Berceuse Heroique. The edits assembled here are undeniably trippy and out-there, with the producer smothering an intoxicating, Moog-laden instrumental with delay on “Wilderness”, before heading to Idjut Boys pastures on the wonky, dub-fuelled eccentricity of “Machinally City”. On the flip you'll find the trumpet-laden lounge disco sweetness of “Candy Flow” and the tropical quirkiness of “Musically Time”.

"Wilderness" (5:59)"Musically Time" (5:34)"Candy Flow" (5:31)"Machinally City" (5:29)

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