Mr. YT – Brand New Day (R&S)


Condition: MINT
Country: UK
Year: 2017
Notyes: Compilation, Repress

During the late 1990s, Japanese producer Yuji Takanouchi produced a trio of sublime EPs, most of which went largely overlooked at the time. He surprisingly returned to action a few years ago with a handful of similarly dreamy, loved-up productions, prompting R&S offshoot Apollo Records – who famously released his peerless ambient house 12″, Southern Paradise, in 1997 – to put together this superb compilation. The genius of his productions, whether dancefloor leaning or more horizontal in ethos, always lay in the hazy colourfulness of his synthesizer melodies and life-affirming chord progressions. It’s those traits, coupled with his firm grasp of deep house and intelligent techno aesthetics, which shine through on Brand New Day. “Pacific Jazz”, “Nite” and “Ocean In Heaven”, in particular, are stunning.

"Morning" (5:51)"Reve" (7:43)"Souvenir" (2:38)"Afternoon" (6:25)"Pacific Jazz" (9:32)"Evening" (6:34)"Nite" (9:21)"Ocean In Heaven" (8:36)"Regard" (8:22)

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