ojeRum – When Birds Fly, The Eyes Of Heaven Can Rest (Aurora Borealis)

12'' Vinyl LP (180g, Clear) - Aurora Borealis (ABX065)


Condition: MINT (Sealed)
Country: UK
Year: 2017
Notes: Clear vinyl 180g LP housed in reverse board heavyweight sleeve. Edition of 300.

That first side is a real beauty, unfurling some 17 minutes of thee most languid, golden synth and choral harmonics and shivering partials with a patience and steadiness of hand that’s just an absolute pleasure to undergo. Likewise, Part II is a pure dream sequence, but this time riding dense, phosphorescing waves of organ drone with a deeply blue, melancholic quality.

When Birds Fly The Eyes Of Heaven Can Rest (part I) (17:19)When Birds Fly The Eyes Of Heaven Can Rest (part II) (13:55)

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