Paul Haslinger – Halt And Catch Fire (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

12'' Vinyl LP - Fire Records (FROST001)


Condition: MINT
Country: UK
Year: 2017
Notes: Gatefold Sleeve

1. "Golden Gate"2. "A Wolf In Unix"3. "The Scenic Route"4. "First Day Of The Job"5. "It Speaks"6. "Reverse Engineering"7. "Security Is A Myth"8. "The Morning After"9. "Rooftop Fireworks"10. "I Need A Little Time"11. "Western Arrivals"12. "The Slingshot"13. "10broad36"14. "The Way In"15. "Run Time"16. "Last Nerve"17. "Gordon Steals A Cabbage Patch"18. "The Cost Of Doing Business"19. "Joe's Truth"20. "Go Get The Bike"21. "The End Of Donna's Day"22. "It's Not Right"23. "Macmillan Utility"

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