Sentomea – Preface (Delsin)

2 x 12'' Vinyl (123DSR)


Condition: MINT
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2017

Delsin's next trick is a debut double 12″ from Sentomea, an Amsterdam native, real name Sander Schuurman, you might not have heard of but a real synth freak. Exclusively producing his music in hardware-based live takes, and that gives rise to perfectly imperfect stuff that feels visceral and alive. Often making music with a visual connection, this EP is full of versatile 909 beats and fizzing electronic textures.

"Relative Solace" (6:10)"Wander" (8:29)"Fortitude Boogie" (6:49)"Fluid" (7:52)"Matter" (6:22)"Reminiscent" (5:02)

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