Shackleton With Anika – Behind The Glass

2 x 12'' Vinyl LP - Woe To The Septic Heart! (SEPTICLP02)


Condition: MINT
Country: UK
Year: 2017

For his latest full-length, post-dubstep innovator turned dystopian soundscape specialist Shackleton has joined forces with British-German singer-songwriter Anika. Her drowsy, chilling tones provide the perfect foil for the producer's alternately paranoid and ethereal musical compositions; stretched-out pagan epics that sit somewhere between the soundtrack for The Wicker Man, the wind-swept ambience of Firecracker's Mac Talla Nan Craeg – compilation, and the experimental sound collages of the Music Concrete movement. It makes for a heady, intoxicating and at times otherworldly listening experience, even if it features numerous pastoral elements.

A. "Endless Memento/Regression/Wading Through The Underworld" (14:23)B. "The Future Is Hurt/Dirt & Fields" (15:43)C. "Hinter Der Vitrine" (14:03)D. "Our Sharpened Blade/Rid Yourself Of The Parasites/Endless Longing" (19:21)

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