Theo Parrish – First Floor (Part 1)


Condition: MINT
Country: UK
Year: 2017
Notes: Repress

Peacefrog has decided to reissue Theo Parrish's timeless – and much in-demand – debut album, First Floor. Like the original 1998 release, the album is spread over two separately sold double-packs. This first volume contains some of Parrish's strongest work, including the evocative, stretched-out shuffle of “First Floor Metaphor” (all undulating synth bass, dusty deep house beats and sublime string samples), the Luther Vandross-sampling brilliance of “Only The Beginning”, the fuzzy hip-hop/beatdown fusion of “Sweet Sticky”, and the deep jazz-house brilliance of “Love Is War For Miles”.

"First Floor Metaphor" (9:33)"Only The Beginning" (11:21)"Sweet Sticky" (7:14)"Paradise Architects" (5:58)"Love Is War For Miles" (9:01)

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